The tree which never grew~

A cup of madness, with two cubes of lunacy.

Blueberry yogurt and caterpillars.

You made promises to her, so did I. Not to her but to him. We are even, or trying to be. Filling each other with excuses and reasons instead of food and peaks of dedication. Oh wait, I'm sorry I... Continue Reading →


Would you hold my bra, I mean bag?

No, let not the title fool you. There is nothing scandalous here, except for a little wild night in the woods, filled with a roaring passion like the fruit but different and the unwinding of hooks and clips. The dance with... Continue Reading →

Why am I not a Hindu. As the Xavier hall was filling up. We, like most other students in the hall, avoided the first couple of rows and occupy the middle rows. As students of Developmental Journalism, this talk was... Continue Reading →

Sweet Caroline.

"Oh sing sweet nightingale, sing sweet nightingale..."   When I was little I prayed to be like Cinderella, not having the slightest clue why. Then I grew up, failing to realize that I was Ariel all this time. Who desired... Continue Reading →


Dangling in the woods in my soiled brown boots. Crying with pain, dancing in the rain. Trying to hide the emotions I possess and the entity who is my best friend. The voices are cold and they leave frost bites... Continue Reading →

Positive enough?

Much lies, much vibes. Everything goes west when you need to go right. I am such a mess in a fashionable sight. Wondering how a chicken fights when you broil them in a seasoned delight. You ponder and pound and... Continue Reading →

Peanut-butter and Jelly.

How do you tell when a person likes you? You can't.  Isn't that a beautiful thing! Someone in the crowd might be in love with you and you wouldn't even know. A person who knows your every move and thought,... Continue Reading →

Sacrificing rice.

Tell me you're in love with him, so I can run away and find another place to eat. I won't be able to enter our regular burger place again, but I shall survive with vada pav and chai. Answer me,... Continue Reading →

Missed calls.

I am ashamed of the number of calls I don't answer in a day. Honestly I'm a bad person, no horrible one. Not that it pricks my conscious but it's not my fault I got phone anxiety. At the end... Continue Reading →

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