There was once a Yellow Bird, it was caged. The Cage was made of Gold and it was next to the King’s bed. The king did not hate the Bird but was obligated to take care of it. The bird was noisy. The bird was troublesome. The bird was not like other birds.

Because this Bird was his Sister.

Abigail wanted to experience Freedom. She fought for it, with such passion.

Unfortunately, she made a deal with the Frog. The Frog was a trickster.

She promised the frog a Coco-bean, and in return for his favor. That she should win her Freedom.

The Frog obliged. And took the bean. The following week, the princess waged war. There was no bloodshed, as it was, she fought with much passion, So it was more like an argument.

She won the war. The Frog did not forget his favor. She was turned into a Canary.

The End.